Minimally Invasive dentistry

Our clinic follows the guidelines and spirit of minimal invasive dentistry. Also known as micro-dentistry, it is based on the preservation of tooth structure, and conservation of dental health.

These guidelines are well maintained by various modern dentistry techniques, aiding us in preserving healthy tooth structure and integrity. This, hand in hand without the overuse of aggressive approaches, such as, of extraction of periodontal involved teeth, root canal treatments in deep caries affected teeth, and even restoring teeth with primary caries which is still reversible.

Just as the word implies, this type of dentistry concentrates on using the least amount of dental intervention to conserve the health of your teeth. In minimally invasive dentistry, the removal of any part of a tooth structure is kept to only the minimal amount necessary to restore the tooth to its optimum state. This can be done in modern dentistry through the latest scientific advances.

The techniques used in minimally invasive dentistry include those that focus on prevention, re-mineralization, and minimally invasive restoration.

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